My Journey

A writer of depth and perseverance


I've always loved learning about anything and everything. My natural curiosity made it difficult to settle on one path of study. This could be viewed as a liability, but I don't see it that way. My life is not picturesque. It is well-traveled both physically and emotionally. 

I have a degree in Interior Design and worked in the design industry for almost 10 years. Following that, I earned a Master of Arts in Education. My experience in teaching and education taught me how to work with a variety of personalities, to figure out the needs of my students, and how to meet them where they are.

My son was born with health issues in 2013 and passed away in 2015. Since then, I’ve turned to writing as a primary career. I don’t shy away from talking about loss or grief. In fact, my life experience informs my writing with honesty, empathy (with a side of humor) to which readers can relate.

I’ve developed an eCommerce site for a local history museum, written multiple curriculums for a religious non-profit, completed a novel, and published a short story. If you are looking for a writer to inspire and connect with your customer base or just want to learn more, contact me!